Why Has My TV Aerial Stopped Working

The TV displays a message saying “No Signal” just as you’re about to sit down and watch the latest episode. This is a frustrating situation to be in, especially when you’re trying to relax after a hard day. So, why has my TV aerial stopped working? You don’t have to worry. Visual Dynamics Ltd. are master aerial engineers and can help address this issue. Let’s look at some possible causes before you call us. Common problems like signal disruptions or faulty connections might be why your TV aerial stopped working. What you can do to fix the problem may include checking the cables, ensuring proper connections, or adjusting the antenna position. If the issue persists, consider reaching out to Visual Dynamics Ltd. for expert assistance with TV aerial installation in North Shore.

No signal

It’s not always true that your TV is saying “no signal”. Even though our TVs have advanced in technology, they are not yet sophisticated enough to tell us what the issue is. This is a general message that lets us know there is a problem. We’ve collected some of the most common problems and how to fix them.

Common Issues

1. The aerial is connected.

The aerial can fall out, especially if your pet is curious or if there are children that like to explore the back of the television. You may have accidentally pulled the cables when connecting a modem, games console or while cleaning. It’s easy to fix by simply plugging it in again.

2. Are you sure that the source is correct?

You can easily press the wrong button and get no signal. You may have chosen HDMI1 or an auxiliary input when nothing is connected. This means there is no signal coming from the source and not your TV. Select the TV button from the “Input/AV” menu on your remote.

3. Are you sure your TV is tuned correctly? Is it in need of retuning or a new set-up?

You may need to retune your TV if you have recently moved (or even merely moved the television). It’s because different transmitters use different frequencies, and your antenna will not work if it is positioned incorrectly.

You may need to retune your TV if a channel’s number has changed, if a programme was added or removed, or if the broadcasting frequency changed. It is very simple to do this. Simply go to the TV menu and select “Tuning”. You can then select “Auto-Tune”, which will automatically scan the frequencies to select the right one.

4. The antenna or aerial is faulty.

You should check your aerial if everything appears to be connected and tuned properly. You will know the answer if it appears damaged. Sometimes they may look perfect, but have a serious problem. If the aerial has been in place for several years, weather and wear and tear may have caused it to become damaged. A newer aerial is also recommended because of the changes that have occurred in the television industry.

Contact Visual Dynamics Ltd. if you need assistance with the installation of your new TV antenna.

Aerial engineers

These are the most common problems that arise with aerials. You may be wondering Why has my TV aerial stopped working? Call Visual Dynamics Ltd. on 0800 732 378 to find out what’s wrong, whether it is faulty aerials or incorrect alignment.

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