Things to Remember Before Hiring a Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castles: A Brief History

John Scurlock has been credited with inventing the first inflatable structure. According to his family he got the idea in the late 50s when designing inflatable tent covers.

Scurlock was a plastics expert who taught at Tulane University, worked for NASA and later invented the Space Walk air cushion, which is used by stuntmen and fire brigades to respond to fires in high-rise buildings.

The bouncy castle, a favorite for birthdays and other gatherings with children, is indispensable. When planning your event, the choice of entertainment becomes crucial, and opting for a jumping castle can elevate the excitement to a whole new level. You should consider these 5 factors when renting a bounce house, especially if you’re looking for jumping castle hire in Auckland. Ensuring the safety, size, theme, setup, and reputation of the rental service will contribute to a fantastic experience for the kids and guarantee the success of your event.

Choose the best

Have you heard that the success of your party is dependent on the choice of bounce house? Choose your inflatable bounce house with care. The average age of the guests should be under 10 years old. There are also weight restrictions to consider. The size of the bouncer should be based on the available space as well as the number of children. You can use this handy calculator to estimate the size bouncy that will be needed for your party.


There are bouncies, and then there are matching bouncings. You just matched the bouncy with the birthday theme. Best parent ever. The majority of event companies update their existing bouncy selections to include the latest preteen heartthrobs or themes. Elsa’s fans will want a Frozen castle and Potterheads won’t be able to live without an inflatable Hogwarts.

Bouncies for more than just Jumping

Is your bouncer equipped with double-lane slides or climbing walls? Or one of the obstacle courses? You’ll soon have your kids displaying their combat skills or setting up an imaginary fort. Pre-teen dream come true! Kids who want to do more than bounce around will enjoy the additional features. More fun, more action.

Rent from a reliable company

Your bouncy house must be durable and certified safe to use. It should also have been vetted by a professional for quality. Commercial-grade bouncers are safe, and they will prevent your guests from bringing unwanted party favors home. Verify your supplier’s credentials, and browse the website to see photos and videos of bouncys in action. Also, check out the reviews. You could also let the Bouncy castles¬†experts organize a fun, safe and exciting party.

Location and Placement

Share details about your location with the supplier before you sign on the dotted lines. The bouncy bouncer is a large, bulky piece of equipment that is typically wheeled into place on a small cart. Accessibility is therefore important. It would be helpful if your garden had a side entry. Check the electrical connections available to avoid any last-minute problems. You will need to get permission from the apartment building for you to use the communal hall/garden. The placement is also important – motorized fans inflate the bouncies and create a lot noise. The sound of kids bouncing around and having a good time could be loud enough to create a decibel level.

Remember that kids of all ages, pumped up on sugar, love to jump. Bouncy castles are a safe place for them to let loose. As long as you plan and choose carefully, the party will be a hit. Bounce away!

Pro Tips:

  1. Children should not be allowed to play in a bounce house if there is a strong wind or rain.
  2. The installation of the bouncy Castle should be checked for its durability. The bouncy castle should be firmly secured to the floor and kept away from overhead cables, fences, etc.
  3. The open sides of the bouncer must be cushioned with soft padding that will provide support in the event of a crash.
  4. The blower of the bouncer should be kept at a distance safe from the castle.
  5. In the absence of an adult, no children should be allowed to ride the bouncer.
  6. The safety guide of the company that makes the bounce castle should dictate the number of children who can jump on it at any given time.
  7. Parents must ensure that their children are not carrying or wearing any sharp or hard items (such as spectacles or other objects) while inside the bounce house. It is strictly forbidden to bring food or drinks onto the bouncer.

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