How Much to Tip Your Massage Therapist

Tipping etiquette is often a topic of uncertainty and debate, especially when it comes to service industries like massage therapy. Understanding the appropriate gratuity for a massage therapist can vary based on several factors, including the quality of service, local customs, and personal preferences. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the considerations that can […]

My response to the anti-vax twit storm

Each week I get asked to join Seven’s Sunrise panel to discuss various topical issues of the morning. This morning I was asked to comment on a news item that reported parents in Sydney’s wealthy suburbs were putting their kids’ lives at risk by choosing not to get them vaccinated. I went on air shortly after 8:30… In the […]

My simple home: what I don’t own

You’ll notice the series is not called “My Minimalist Home”. Minimalism is a righteous aesthetic, but not always practical. All those ardent minimalists out there can be painful. And their all-in-one gadgets can cost a bomb. I really enjoyed reading this Slate article on how minimalism isn’t sustainable….and how the original minimalist zealots have backed off […]

I ate sugar

It was two chocolate croissants that undid me. I’d like to share how and why. I feel I need to, given that today marks DAY ONE of the new 8-Week Program that I spent ten months developing with Jo (and then Zoe, Jordanna, Stef, Jenn, Kate, Martyna, Shayne, Tom, Steve, and now Jane and another new Kate). […]