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You’ll need to know how much a marquee costs if you want one for an event. This is especially true if this is your first time hiring one. You probably found us by Googling “How much does it costs to hire a tent”! Well, you’re in luck, we can help….

How much does it cost?

For a quick and easy estimate, you can use our Marquee Calculator to get a personalized price for your event. If you want to know how much it costs to hire a marquee, and what factors will affect the price, read on.

The 7 Key Factors That Influence the Cost of Hiring a Marquee

1. Installation

Our marquees are able to be set up in just 24 hours, and taken down with the same speed. Our trained staff and transport are the biggest costs. The cost of installing a marquee is the same as that of hiring one.

  • Transporting it to the desired location
  • How to erect the marquee
  • After your event, you can take it down again.
  • Put it back in storage

2. The size and width of the marquee

The size of the marquee is not the main factor in calculating the price. The width is. The more complicated it is to build and dismantle a marquee the wider it is.

Our marquee installations are almost exclusively single-width with a single peak on the roof. Our largest marquees are 25 metres in width. A wide marquee requires more manpower to put up and will take longer than a narrower one.

The longer the marquee is, the more it will take. We always suggest that if you are considering renting a marquee to choose a relatively long but narrow one over a wider but shorter one.

3. You want to be fabulous?

Our standard marquees all have white PVC panels. However, that does not mean you must have one. We can add…

  • Clear ceilings and walls: These allow people to see inside the marquee or enjoy the view.
  • Starlight Roofs: For events that continue into the night, why not consider a starlight roofing? Panels that have little lights can create a real wow-factor, but you will pay more for marquee hire in Coromandel.
  • LED bars:  If you are hosting an event , it is likely that you will be serving drinks. Have you ever considered serving tea or champagne from a LED light-up bar? These look amazing!
  • Dance Floors: Which type of floor would you like? Do you prefer a wooden floor, or are you looking for the full John Travolta experience?
  • Anything else you want! If you want to add more glitz and glamour, please give us a ring. We have placed trees over garden fountains and even brought in trees to add to the event. You are only limited by your imagination!

4. The number of guests

The more people you are expecting, the larger the marquee will need to be. The Marquee calculator is available for 10 to 1000 people. The calculator will calculate your space requirements and provide you with an estimate.

5. You need the facilities

Toilets are needed if your event will last for several hours and you don’t have any nearby buildings that can be used. You may want to consider adding a small catering tent to your main event area if you are offering food. We can heat your marquee if you are having an event in winter. All of these things will increase the cost to hire a marquee.

6. How to secure it

We have to make sure that the marquee is safe, and can’t, for instance, blow away. To secure the marquee, the simplest way is to use long tent pegs that must be driven into ground. This will damage the surface unless you are on grass. Water ballast tanks can be used if there is an abundant water supply. Concrete blocks may be needed if there is no water supply. Installing these blocks, which weigh approximately XXXkg per unit, will increase the cost of your marquee rental.

7. Your event’s duration

You might think that the length of the hire would have an impact on cost. But it doesn’t. The cost of your event does not change much if it is only for one day.

We hope that we have helped you to understand the factors that affect the cost of renting a marquee. The final cost of hiring a marquee will be affected by the changes you make to the first six variables. However, changing the length of the hire period is the least impactful.



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