5 Reasons to Rent a Bubble Machine for Your Party

Are you planning a party in the near future? Renting a bubble machine is a great idea for adults and children alike, especially if you’re looking for bubble machine hire in Auckland. Here are some reasons why you should consider renting a machine for your birthday party or other event.

Everyone loves bubbles

Imagine a time in your life when you did not enjoy playing with bubbles. It’s impossible because everyone loves playing with bubbles. It’s magical to watch bubbles float up into the air, then disappear. It will bring back fond childhood memories to chase them and pop them.

We are certain that kids will enjoy them just as much as adults. They can focus on one activity and will enjoy playing with bubble machines.


We recommend our bubble solution if you want to throw an inexpensive party. Renting our bubble machine is not expensive and will make all children and adults happy. For your event rental, bubble makers are better than DIY blowers. Equipment rentals can be rented for long-term periods.

Bubbles Are Perfect For Lots Of Games

You can play a variety of games with a bubble machine. You can have a party for adults or kids.

Ask the children to form a large circle, and then have one child stand in the center. This player can blow bubbles in the air using a bubble machine with multiple holes. The rest of the players will need to keep the bubbles in the air. The bubbles can be blown up until there is only one left. This is a great game that encourages kids to be active.

You can make bubble art

Everyone will want to take part in this fun activity! This will require a large amount of dish soap and the players should be in pairs. Players will dip their wands in the various bubble colors and then the partner holds a piece of paper so that the bubble colors are visible on the page. The page can look like abstract art if they use different colors.

You can make it even more exciting by awarding the best bubble artwork and giving out prizes.

No Difficult Set Up Needed

You want to throw a party without a lot of fuss? Contact us to rent a bubble machine. Renting bubble machines is easy as they are ready to use. Bouncing kiwis is the best place to rent party equipment.


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