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You are annoyed by your child’s incessant video game playing on their mobile or tablet at home. You may be thinking back to your childhood, and you might not see any similarities between what your child does and what you used to do as a child. This is not an isolated feeling! However, amid the digital age and technological advancements, the essence of play has evolved. Despite the changing landscape, engaging in physical activities remains crucial for a child’s development. Consider exploring children’s playground equipment in Australia, which provides a refreshing alternative to screen time and encourages active play, fostering both physical and social well-being.

All parents today are facing the same problem with their children.

Nowadays, children are rarely seen playing sports and games outdoors. It is important that parents or the entire housing society take action to address this issue, which can have serious long-term consequences. Playground Equipment has become a necessity, especially if you want your children to have the same childhood experience as we had and to grow to their maximum potential. Why? Here are some of the benefits that outdoor play equipment offers.

Social Development

How did you make new friends as a child? Random friends are often classified as school friends, garden friends, or society friends. Do your kids have friends in these categories? Perhaps not! Maybe they have a friend that comes to their house, plays games indoors and then leaves. Nowadays, play dates are common.

Social development is important. Children learn to socialise with strangers when they play on outdoor playground equipment. The children learn how to talk, behave, share and play together. It is important for a child to be able to interact with other children in the neighborhood.

Physical Development

This is an obvious factor that will help your child grow physically. The immune system of children is weakened as they prefer to spend more time indoors, away from nature. Exposing children to fresh air and other children will make them more susceptible to germs, but will also increase their immunity. Playground equipment is also good for physical development.

We design the best outdoor play equipment to boost physical growth of a child, but in a way that minimises the risk of injuries and falls. It is vital for their development to be able to climb, hang, run, and stretch out those little muscles.

Check to see if you can find a space that is free where your child could play. You can contact our team if you have a space available in your housing society or backyard. They will assess your space, time available for set-up, budget and other factors and then help you create an outdoor play area. Austek Play is the best investment you can make. Call them now! Contact us on 1300 433 364 or Visit –


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