7 Top Color Combination Ideas for House Painting

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Painting a home well will make it feel good. It’s true that every color has an impact on the brain. Your house paint can reveal a lot about your personality, just as children love blue, yellow and green. This guide will help you find some great color combinations to paint your dream house.

The Best Color Combinations to Use for House Painting

Grey with Deep Blue

The combination of deep blue and grey on the wall of your home will give it a pure, sophisticated appearance. The cool tones enhance the surrounding and other aesthetic elements in the home. To add comfort to your newly painted home, you can add greenery by adding fresh plants. Grey represents passion and blue is peace. This is a great fusion.

Pastel Shades

Everyone wants a home that radiates positive energy. To keep your home looking modern and stylish, choose different pastel shades for the walls. Pastel colors can show your innovative side and complement an experimental personality. A trendy pastel color combination is blue, pink and green.

Orange and white

The perfect combination of white and orange is about happiness and good vibes. White walls or white decor with a lighter shade of orange will amplify your room’s vibrancy. When choosing a unique shade, it is important to select the right company. Look for house painters that will leave no marks on your walls to make them cheerful and full with glee.

Shades of Brown

A home that is elegantly painted exudes a lovely energy the moment you walk in. Shades of brown are perfect for a touch of luxury and comfort. A lighter shade of beige blends perfectly with green plants and lamps. Darker shades of brown will complement the corners and higher walls of your home, creating a wonderful aura.

Purple Dusty Rose

Do you want to create a strong feminine atmosphere in your home? A shade of dusty rose and a purple go together beautifully. Purple is also known as the gemstone amethyst and represents confidence, grace and abundance. The dusty rose color is a beautiful shade that reflects a sense of love, care and simplicity.

White and bright yellow

Bright yellow is the color that will attract sunshine to your home if you have many windows. Bright yellow and white are a great combination to attract positive energies. Green plants and rustic decor look great with white and yellow walls. Add wall decorations such as macrame or color-blocked wall hangings.

Emerald Greens with Grey

It is impossible to ignore the grandeur of grey and emerald. These color combinations will suit you if your personality revolves around modern style and magnificent living! The best color combinations for grey and emerald green are with yellow accents or subtle lamps.


Hiring a professional house painter in North Shore Auckland will ensure satisfaction and provide a variety of styles. Choose a color scheme that fits your lifestyle! House painters in North Shore Auckland are well-versed in creating beautiful, personalized spaces that resonate with your preferences.


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