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What is recladding Auckland and what does it involve?

Recladding Auckland is the process of removing all exterior materials or cladding from the house until the entire framing has been exposed. This helps to identify any possible damages or hazards. The cladding can be reinstalled on the building once the repairs are made.

Why do people ask builders in Auckland to reclaim their home?

Renovations Auckland and construction Auckland specialists will identify any issues as soon as they see the framing. Neglecting to reclad and ignoring the problems can cause long-term damage. Poor cladding installations are the cause of many homeowners’ damages. Recladding is a great way to stop leaks and damage.

When do you need to reclaim?

Recladding is expensive and should be performed only when absolutely necessary. If you notice the following signs you may want to consider a reclad.

  • Water leakage or mold
  • Cracked or bulging walls
  • Warped floor
  • Musty smells
  • Allergy symptoms that persist

If you built your house with monolithic or stucco plaster between 1994 and 2004, it is important to have any problems or leaks checked.

How long does it take to reclad Auckland?

The construction process takes between 12 and 16 weeks. The reclading project may take longer if your home is bigger. It is recommended that homeowners vacate their property during the recladding in Auckland project.

How much does recladding Auckland cost?

The cost of a recladding job for your home will vary depending on its size and the extent of the damage. There will be extra costs and extensive measures if there are extensive damages. For the best estimate, you should have the details of damages and history about the house when you consult builders Auckland.

How Does Recladding Add Value to Your Home?

Recladding increases the value of your home. If you plan to sell your house, telling potential buyers that it was recently clad will impress them. The offer will attract buyers as it reduces the possibility of unexpected maintenance costs. It also gives it a modern look and meets the latest standards.

Recladding will give you peace of mind, even if you plan to live in your house for many years. You will also know that you won’t have any framing problems.

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