The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Junk Car Online for Cash

Autowrecker NZ pays top dollar for junk cars. Autowrecker NZ offers top dollar for junk cars. Our process is quick & simple to use. Watch how “Autowrecker’ works!

Step 1: get free online offer

Call us to request a quote

You can get a no-obligation free quote by calling 0800 22 40 60 or submitting an online form.

Get cash offer

Get the best cash offer on your car. We will pick up your vehicle from the location you specify, whether it is at home, work, the driveway, the backyard, or any other address that you give us.

We Tow Away

The team will come to pick up your vehicle at a time that suits you. They will do the paperwork and pay the cash value immediately.

You’ll need the year, make, model and condition of your car to get an accurate scrapping quote. We pay cash for junk cars and parts. You’ll also get more money if you have working parts such as:

  • Engine & Transmission.
  • Radiator, body panels, windows, doors and all other parts of the vehicle are intact.
  • The interior of the vehicle should have working components such as radios, heaters, airbags, and electronic components.

We pay the most for your junk cars. We purchase all types of cars, vans, SUVs and trucks. We offer free junk car removal in most cases.

Step 2: Get the best deal

How can you get the best price for your junk car to sell? Autowrecker NZ will buy your junk car online, but you should be careful. You may find some sites or offers that are suspicious in your search for a great deal. You can check to make sure that you are getting a fair price by:

  • Free towing is available: We will tow your vehicle away from you for no charge. If you are being charged for towing services, call us.
  • You can get a no-obligation free offer from us: We don’t charge a fee for making offers on your junk car. We will even come to you for a no-obligation, free quote.

Step 3: Finalise the deal

“Selling a junk vehicle is simple and free with Autowrecker NZ, especially if you’re looking to sell my car in Auckland. Your junk car will be valued at the highest amount possible, ensuring you get a fair deal. Lastly, you can close the deal with our towing experts, making the entire process hassle-free. Now, you can get a no-obligation online quote for your junk car right from the comfort of your home.”

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