Want to Buy a House? There are 11 popular types of home styles.

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Did you know that most people find buying a house stressful? Learn about the latest home design trends to reduce stress. We can help you learn more about home style trends.

This guide will explain the types of houses that people buy.

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Have you considered Cape Cod homes?

Cape Cod houses became very popular in the 1930s. The homes are usually one-story and feature wood siding, steep rooflines, and multiple-paned windows. The house also tends to feature hardwood flooring.

Cape Cod houses were originally small, but they had dormers to bring in extra light. Add space to your house plan if you need it.

A Country French Style House

In the 18th century, country French-style houses were popular in the United States. France established settlements in the Great Lakes Valley, St. Lawrence Valley, and Mississippi Valley.

New Orleans is still a popular place to live. Country French houses are single-story and feature narrow windows with shutters. The homes also feature stucco walls and frames, half-timbered roofs, and stucco.

They have stunning landscaping designs and a great curb appeal.

Colonial Home

Colonial-style homes date back to 1876 and are among the most popular types of houses in the United States.

A colonial home can have three stories. The house also has a brick or wood facade and a cozy fireplace.

The first floor of a colonial-style house plan has a kitchen and family room. The bedrooms are located on the second level.

Additions to Colonial homes can be made to the rear or side.

Victorian Homes

Victorian Era was between 1860-1900. Victorian homes were full of details, distinct and romantic. These unique homes are filled with patterns, colors, fabrics, textures, and more.

A contemporary Victorian design will retain the traditional features of Victorian architecture and use modern fabrics and colors.

The roof is pitched, and there’s a cutaway bay, a front-facing gable, and patterned shingles. These houses also feature a full-width front porch.

What about a condo?

Some people want the apartment’s convenience but also the ownership of the space. Consider purchasing a condominium.

No building manager or landowner will be needed to oversee your unit. You will be responsible for repairs and maintenance as an owner.

Consider this option if you are older and live in a city. This is a great option for those who do not want to live in a single-family home.

You can enjoy the benefits of home ownership without the hassle of maintaining a home.

Single Family House

In the United States, single-family homes are the most common choice. Single-family homes are detached from other housing units.

The majority of Americans own a single-family home. In the suburbs, they are more common than in highly populated areas. You can customize a single-family house, and it is more private.

Do You Love Cottages?

If you like the look of cottage-style homes, consider buying one. The medieval English countryside inspired the cottage style, which was quite popular in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.

Cottage-style houses have a steeply pitched roof, arched windows, casement doors, and brick or stone siding.

Have you ever considered a tiny home?

In recent years, tiny homes have gained popularity. These small homes are between 60-400 sq. feet.

Some tiny houses will be prefabricated, and others will be built to order.

Tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular with couples and single adults looking for more freedom. You can buy small mobile homes that you can move to different locations.

It’s ideal for singles or couples. If you want to start a family or already have one, then you may need more room.


The townhome is a popular contemporary style home. Eco-friendly materials are used to construct them.

Natural textures and lines are used in the design. The interior design is more neutral, with a few pops of color. In the city, townhomes are very popular.

Craftsman Style Homes

Craftsman-style houses are made with high-quality materials and hand-crafted architecture. Craftsman-style houses are not mass-produced.

They have low-pitched gable roofing, exposed beams, and hand-worked material. They also tend to have columns that are tapered along the porch.

You will find built-in bookcases and fireplaces inside.

Don’t Forget Farmhouse Style Houses

The exterior and interior of a farmhouse-style house will be decorated with farm-inspired features.

These homes feature a main fireplace, exposed beams, and a large front porch. Barn-shaped roofs are common on some farmhouse-style homes.

Details tend to be rustic, with exposed brick or stone. Modern farmhouse styles, on the other hand, combine rustic details with updated ones.

Do You Want To Buy A New Home?

Consider if you are ready to make a change after learning about different home styles. Make a plan. Rent or sell your home?

Real estate agents can help you sell your house quickly.

Types Of Home Styles To Consider

We hope this guide to the different home styles was useful. Do you prefer a Victorian-style home or a cottage-style house?

Some people prefer a small home to have greater financial freedom. Others prefer to live in a single-family home, which allows them more room to grow.

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