Bring Luxury into a Ranch-Style Home

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Its unique style and look make it a great starter home or permanent residence. It is easy to renovate and maintain, but it also has a minimalistic look. Its ability to blend with nature makes it the second favorite house style in America. Many different ranch-style homes depend on where you live in the US. They all share the same distinctive features: a low, long roofline with deeply overhanging eaves, large windows, a patio at the back of the house, and a mixture of materials for their exterior. There are several ways to add a touch of glamour to your ranch-style home. How to add luxury to your ranch-style home.

Raise the Ceiling

These days, modern ranch-style houses are in vogue. Homes likeĀ Benloch Ranch offer mountain views and a contemporary aesthetic with open floor plans, luxurious touches, and expansive outdoor areas. Consider raising your ceiling to recreate the mountain-chic look of these ranch-style homes. Add ceiling fans and a chandelier of contemporary style to the living room. Expose beams. Extending the windows to the top is another way to make the ceiling appear higher. Try to match your ceiling with the walls and furniture so that they have the same look or color. It creates an illusion of a higher ceiling and also increases the size of your home.

Upgrade the Bathroom and Powder Room

Bathrooms and powder rooms in ranch-style homes are often outdated. Instead of a complete renovation, modernize these spaces by changing a few small things. You can, for example, have a powder room that is all black and then add some color by adding artwork. Install an industrial-style ceiling light after replacing the sink. To create an airy and spacious bathroom, remove clutter and other unnecessary items. Consider a freestanding white tub, a shower with a closed area, two sinks on a marble counter, and a chandelier for a bathroom that has a touch class.

Add Curb Appearance

The boxy shape of a ranch house can make it appear boring. Focus on curb appeal to make your home look luxurious and inviting. Trim shrubs and trees to avoid blocking your windows. Then, layers are created using planters of different heights. Then, to update the look of your home, repaint your entire exterior in a bold or dark color. Install wall sconces on either side of your front door to provide better lighting. You can also add accessories like a brass mailbox and a door knocker to give the exterior a more charming look.

Make your ranch home feel modern and inviting by adding luxury. These changes will update your space and maintain your ranch house’s positive attributes.

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