Coconut Gin Tonic

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Perhaps at 28, I’ve done everything (sarcastic eye roll). In all honesty, though, I enjoy the person that I am becoming every day. I enjoy being intentional in my life and work. I also like the fact that John and I actually do what we say we will do. I appreciate that every New Year’s Eve, we talk about who we are now and who we want to be.

ZICO offered to send me some coconut water and challenged to me to create my life list.

I was never a fan of coconut water until recently. The taste of ZICO was so natural and fresh that I was blown away. No strange aftertaste, and not too sweet. Their Chocolate Coconut Water was especially good, with cocoa and coconut cream (hubba-hubba). I’m a fan.

I like that ZICO focuses on “cracking open life” (as if you were cracking a coconut) or living each week in a more adventurous way.

We are all about it. I’ve always loved the saying, ‘Life’s short,’ so this was a great opportunity for me to set new goals and start checking things off.

Here are eight things that I would like to improve:

  • Every month, try something new in photography (new lighting, styling, color scheme, etc.).
  • Every morning, spend 5 minutes in meditation or prayer
  • Invite a friend to coffee at least twice a year
  • Make more dates fun and intentional with John (at least 1 per month).
  • Completing a long-distance bike ride (more than 20 miles)
  • Learn a new skill (graphic design?)
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Working on a cookbook

Summer is fast approaching! Ahhhh. This cocktail is a last salute to the warmer weather, more relaxed schedules, and holidays galore.

This drink is made with only four ingredients. It’s naturally sweetened by coconut water and has just the right amount of tartness from lime. Summer in a glass.


  • Gin 2 oz
  • Coconut water, 2 ounces
  • Tonic water, 2 ounces
  • Juiced half a medium lime (1-2 Tbsp).
  • Fresh mint or basil


  • Pour ice into a glass, then add lime juice, coconut water, gin, and tonic water.
  • Sprinkle with fresh basil or mint (optional) and stir. You can multiply the ingredients by how many people you are serving or repeat the recipe.

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