What is Industrial Cleaning

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Cleaning crews will have to work around the fast-paced and high-hazard environments of industrial facilities without disrupting daily operations. Industrial cleaning goes beyond the typical commercial cleaning service, and involves special cleaning products and equipment.

What is Industrial Cleaning?

Cleaning industrial facilities, such as storage areas, power plants, and manufacturing facilities, is a specific area of expertise. Specialized cleaning services for industrial janitorial purposes encompass tasks like asbestos removal, lead extraction, and the wearing of safety gear in high-risk environments. In Adelaide, industrial cleaning services play a crucial role in maintaining a safe and compliant workspace. These services are tailored to address the unique challenges posed by industrial settings, ensuring that facilities adhere to stringent safety standards and regulations. Whether it’s dealing with hazardous materials or implementing rigorous cleaning protocols, industrial cleaning services in Adelaide are committed to promoting a clean, secure, and environmentally responsible working environment.

On-the-job training is often required for industrial cleaners to ensure their safety on industrial sites. Industrial cleaners are required to be fast and cautious, especially when handling potentially hazardous chemicals.

Cleaning staff are required to wear safety equipment when performing janitorial duties. They may also be trained to use special equipment. It is obvious that becoming an industrial cleaner requires quick reflexes and safety training.

What Are Industrial Cleaning Services?

Industrial cleaning services are offered to industries such as manufacturing plants where the facilities work around the clock in order to complete production, shipments or construction projects on time. Cleaning services for industrial floors keep production floors running smoothly by eliminating obstacles.

Industrial cleaning is different from home or commercial cleaning. It requires powerful disinfectants and chemical cleaners to keep these areas clean. An industrial cleaning company would send a trained cleaning crew onsite to do the work.

Industrial cleaning is more complicated than commercial or residential cleaning. Before deploying their cleaning crew, an industrial cleaning company will need to make sure that they have the right safety protocols and knowledge.

There Are Different Types Of Industrial Cleaning Services

Cleaning services for industrial facilities are tailored to their operations and the chemicals they use. Cleaning requirements for facilities that work with potentially hazardous chemicals or corrosive substances are different from those of textile and fabric manufacturing plants. Cleaning services for industrial plants vary by industry. Here are some examples:

  • General facility cleaning: includes industrial vacuuming, heavy equipment cleaning, and regular cleaning. Plant debris is sharper, bigger, and more important than everyday debris. This requires specialized cleaning equipment.
  • Dealing with toxic materials: removal of hazardous substances, draining of hazardous chemicals and cleaning of septic tanks.
  • Power-washing : exterior, floors and loading docks. Lead and paint can be removed by pressure-washing or hydro-blasting.
  • Exhaust system upkeep services: Service for exhaust system maintenance, including the removal of clogs and ash.
  • Decontamination: Decontamination is done in facilities that deal with chemicals in large quantities that can be dangerous or corrosive, such as cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical plants.
  • Mold removal is extensive: mold growth that has been overgrown in old buildings will be completely removed, and the stains treated to stop mold from returning.
  • Asbestos Removal: This is one of most common industrial cleaning service performed on older buildings that used asbestos in the drywall and paint.
  • Pest Control: pests are attracted to raw materials in manufacturing plants, especially food and textile factories. Pest control and removal are included in some industrial cleaning services. This service is performed on a daily basis in the food manufacturing factories.
  • Disinfection: Specifically, the disinfection and removal of pathogens from laboratories, machines used in the manufacture of food, hospital equipment, and other sensitive products.

The scope of work for other professional industrial cleaning services varies per facility. The plant manager will discuss the needs with the cleaning company. The work of cleaning industrial sites requires a high level of expertise and can’t be done by regular cleaning crews because it could pose a safety risk to individuals who are not trained.

Industrial Cleaning Is Required By Many Businesses

Industrial cleaning is required for large warehouses or processing plants operating in an industrial setting. This type of cleaning is essential to the production line because almost every industry does some of its work in industrial facilities. Businesses that need industrial cleaning include:

  • Fashion and Retail
  • Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing of Construction Supplies and Heavy Equipment
  • Manufacturing of Consumer Goods
  • Manufacturing of Food and Beverages
  • Distribution centers and Courier Warehouses
  • Self-storage Warehouses
  • More!

These janitorial services are often used by any facility that has raw materials and a large production line. This helps to ensure the smooth running of their plant. Hiring an industrial cleaner has many advantages: the business nature may require extra care to maintain sanitary operations or raw materials can endanger worker health and safety.

Clean Advice Industrial Janitorial Services

Clean Advice SG offers cleaning and maintenance services for industrial facilities, too! Our cleaning crew will keep your facility sanitary and clean so that you can continue to run the production line.

We will handle all the cleaning while you concentrate on your business. You can be assured of the highest quality industrial and commercial cleaning in Adelaide. Each industrial cleaner is trained on-the-job!

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