Ways To Decorate Your Home With Rugs

Adding a rug to any area of your home can make a massive difference to the overall look. Beyond aesthetics, rugs also add invaluable comfort and texture to a space.

But there are so many different rug shapes and designs to choose from, and you might not know where to start.

So, we’ve listed five impactful ways you can decorate your home with rugs, along with a few valuable tips on choosing the right carpet for each area of your home.

Stair Runners

Custom carpet runners can dress up the stairs in your home instantly. These longer-length rugs will taper down your stairs and add volume to the area with both pattern and texture. Beyond this, stair runners are also a great way of preventing falls on the stairs.

It’s best to choose carpet runners for the stairs that complement the interior design of the rest of your home. Additionally, it’s typically best to keep things simple when it comes to patterns because stairs are typically smaller spaces to work with, so you won’t want to crowd the area with excessive visuals.

Faux Fur Bedroom Area Rugs

Faux fur rugs are possibly among the most lavish-looking carpets. These area rugs always fit best in the main bedroom, adding comfort and a lot of texture.

When choosing a faux fur rug for your bedroom, size is everything. Look for a carpet that isn’t large enough to overwhelm the room while being mindful that it’s not smaller than your bed, either. The rug should be placed beneath your bed, peaking out a few inches on all sides.

Patterned Living Room Area Rugs

Patterned area rugs are always best suited to the living room. These rugs should boast a pattern that complements your chosen interior theme, and they should also be large enough to tie the room together.

The rug does not need to fit beneath your sofas, but it should be large enough to span several inches from all sides of the coffee table.

Entrance Hall Rugs

Depending on the size of your entrance hall, you might find that either a regular mat or a runner can work well for this space. Runners are best for longer entrance halls, and the style and design should match your choice of living room area rug perfectly.

Bathroom Mats

Another way to decorate your home with carpets and rugs is to dress up the bathroom.

Bathroom mats are best purchased in sets, although you’ll have a world of options regarding texture and color. Even so, choose a color that complements the rest of your home’s interiors, and consider textures that won’t overwhelm your bathroom. Additionally, if you have more than one bathroom in your home, it’s essential to use the same mats throughout.

Carpets, runners, rugs, and mats can make a massive difference to your home. But choosing suitable rugs for each space is essential. Lastly, remember to care for your carpeting by keeping it clean and completely free of dust and dirt.

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