Virtual Dog Training: How Does It Work

Every dog should have a daily training routine. Unwanted behaviours must be managed as soon as possible. It can be difficult to stay on top of our dog’s training and behavioural issues. With the aid of technology, there are now more training options available to us. We can now train our dogs and change their behaviour in the comfort of our home. If your busy schedule prevents you from having the best relationship with your dog possible, you can always choose a professional intervention or a dog-training program online.

How Does Online/Virtual Dog Training Work

Virtual dog training, although not a new concept to the Perth pet industry, has gained much attention in recent years. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, owners and their dogs were forced to stay at home for an extended period of time. This made it impossible for owners to train their dog or keep up with their behavioural issues. Amidst this challenging scenario, the demand for professional dog training services in Perth surged. Virtual dog training became a viable solution for pet owners looking to address their dog’s behavioral concerns without compromising safety during the pandemic.

Virtual dog training is a virtual alternative to dog training in person, providing the same guidance and instruction. Virtual dog training by professional trainers is just as effective as regular dog training. It also allows for a great deal of time on screen. Online dog training programs offer the same guidance and consultation by dog trainers as in physical training or private lessons.

Virtual dog training settings is the only thing that differs. The trainer will guide you through the training process and/or behaviour modification. This will allow you to better understand your dog and achieve long-term success. You only need a smartphone, laptop or computer with a camera and a stable Internet connection. Video conference software such as Zoom is also required.

What are the benefits of virtual dog training?

1. Flexible Timing

It’s not always possible to keep a weekly schedule or visit the same place with your dog. Some dogs may prefer to train in a place where they are not distracted by other dogs or people. With flexible booking hours and training at your house, online dog training is convenient. No time wasted on traffic or travelling. It means less stress and more importantly less stress for the dog.

2. Access to trainers from different areas

You can now choose to work with trainers who live anywhere in the world, or even across the country. You can choose the trainer you wish to work with by checking their credentials. We allow you to work from anywhere!

3. Customised training session with specific goals

A professional virtual dog-training program’s sole purpose is to build a strong bridge of communication between you and your pet using modern, force-free techniques. Any professional online service aims to teach your dog practical life skills through an interactive and fun way. The other is to identify the dog’s behaviour concerns and to implement training exercises and strategies to help you and your pet get back on track.

4. Distraction-Free training Process

Virtual dog training is best when it’s done in familiar surroundings. Trainers with many years of experience can get a better understanding of your dog’s behavior in its own environment. This distraction-free environment helps your dog to understand and perform the training exercises easily and allows the trainers to establish the most efficient training plan for every individual dog.

5. Instant Feedback

You can train your dog online in the comfort of your own home, while your trainer is there to provide you with feedback and instructions. Your trainer will assess your dog’s behavior and discuss areas for improvement with you. You can ask any questions to the trainer after each session.

6. Access to live demonstration

Virtual dog training allows trainers to demonstrate exercises on their dogs so you can better understand how to do each one with your dog. Virtual dog training programs also send out weekly homework for each session by email.

Final Verdict

Although busy schedules and hectic lives are common, a physical dog training program will always be the first choice of every dog owner. People would have preferred direct consultations with their dogs if not for the recent pandemic. Virtual dog training conducted by certified trainers is proving to be as effective as in-person training at a much more affordable price. Many dog lovers in Perth are opting for the virtual interactive training program.

Virtual classes can be a great way to create a happy, harmonious relationship between you and your dog. Consider virtual dog training the next time you consider dog training. You won’t be disappointed. Find out more about our virtual dog program.

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