Top Home Renovation Tips

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It’s important to know exactly what you are getting into when you renovate a home. Read on to learn our tips for home renovation.

Set a budget and stick to it!

You need to set a budget before you begin work and then stick to it, no matter what!

Calculate the costs of each room. Work your way up from the most important tasks, such as structural work, replastering, and wiring, to the finishing touches, like flooring and décor. Do not forget to add the cost of materials and labor. Add it all together and determine if you are able to afford it. You’ll have to cut back on your renovations if you can’t afford it. Decide what must be done now and what will wait.

When working with a contractor to renovate an older property , you should get a quote that is finalized. However, you must be prepared to pay for any unexpected costs. Keep 10-15% of your budget aside for emergency situations.

Be Aware of Restrictions

Be sure to check any restrictions prior to starting. If your house is a -listed building, you should be extra cautious since it’s illegal to alter the property without permission. In conservation areas, there are restrictions on the exterior of the property.

You may need planning approval if you are making major changes, such as a loft extension or other types of loft renovation. You will still have to comply with building regulations and party wall agreements, even if you do not need planning permission. You may need to conduct bat surveys if you own an old house or property that’s been vacant for some time. This is to prevent disturbing bats that are roosting, which is illegal.

Ask for Advice or Hire Help

It’s not for everyone to do a full-scale renovation. If you don’t have any experience renovating or are not skilled in your trade, it’s best to hire help with the larger jobs. Plumbing, electrical, and gas work must be done by a professional who has the necessary qualifications, licenses, and experience.

Use online resources, such as DIY and how-to websites, video tutorials, and DIY and How-to websites to help you with smaller tasks.


When it comes to renovating your home, there are some things that you should avoid.

Do Not Choose Builders or Contractors based on Price Alone

Be wary of builders who quote a low price or say they are available to begin work immediately. There is usually a good reason behind this. The best builders are highly sought after and have a portfolio and recommendations.

Materials of Poor Quality or Incorrect Type

The quality of your renovations is only as good as the material you choose. It is not a good idea to cut corners in order to save money. You will end up having to replace or repair these items at a later time, which can be expensive.

How to blow your budget

Remember that your budget was set for a good reason. Only go over your budget for the absolute necessities, like unexpected work that arises during renovations.

Take on Too Much

Over-estimating your abilities and time constraints can cause you to feel overwhelmed and slow down the renovation process. It can be stressful to continue to live in the home while renovations are being done. This can lead to tears, arguments, and sleepless nights. You should be honest with yourself about your level of involvement and let everyone know if that’s something you prefer.

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