Quick Tips for Home Decor

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It is difficult to rent or buy a house in a new town. It takes a lot of work! It is important to find a home that suits your budget and is close to your workplace.

Consider the orientation of your home so that you can use the sun to light your home in the morning instead of CFLs or tube lights! Also, the ventilation plan and the windows and doors architecture are important.

Renting furniture, appliances, and other items is a great way to furnish your home within your budget. You won’t be bored by the same items and can keep your home looking fresh.

You should keep in mind a few tips to help you turn your dream home into reality. You can do it if you take one room at a.

Let’s begin!

Living Room

Rent or buy a spacious, comfortable sofa in a primary color that matches the walls. Play around with the color of your cushions.

Fill in the spaces by placing lamps or decorative items on the side table.

You can create an accent wall on which you can display a number of framed pictures. You can hang a number of large-sized frames or one poster or art piece.

Accent walls can be placed behind LED TVs or sofas.

A center table is a good idea. The size of your table will depend on how big the room is.

Multipurpose furniture can be used to store items and provide extra seating. Include some cabinets and drawers for displaying books and showpieces and storing crockery.

Indoor plants can add a touch of greenery to your home.

The Dining Area

You can use the counter space to add metal chairs and chairs if there is not enough room for a table. Under the kitchen slab, you can have cabinets.

For a classic appearance, paint the cabinets.

Plants are a must in the dining room and kitchen!

You can add a lamp to the top of your dining table if you are having a date or want a calm environment.

Add a tablecloth in the middle. The tablecloth can also be printed!

You can also add cabinets to the dining area so you can display your showpieces as well as store your crockery.

If your kitchen is unfurnished, you can build shelves to hold spices and pulses. This method is both space-saving and refreshing.

Command hooks are a great way to save space in your cabinet by hanging spatulas.


You can choose between a single or double bed, depending on your needs. If you need a multipurpose bed, you can buy a couch that converts to a bed. You can place side tables/cabinets along the side of your bed, with lamps at each end for night readers.

The LED lights are also a good option, as they don’t generate heat, and you can experiment with the string lengths.

You can put some photos in frames and hang them above your bed. You can play around with “detailing.”

On one of the walls, place a mirror and dressing table.

You can have the Almirah built in, or you can rent one and place it in the corner of your bedroom.

Place a chair that is comfortable on the side of your bedroom next to a cabinet. The cabinet can also be used for storage.

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