Porcelain figurines: How to decorate the interior with them

Accessories are essential to complete any interior. Porcelain figurines play a major role in this. Some people think porcelain is outdated, but there are always new solutions. These miniature figures work well with classic style, Provence, and shabby chic. What is the best place to put them in? How do you combine figurines if there are multiples? Let’s try to figure it out.

Select porcelain based on the interior style. Mirrors with roses made of porcelain are classic. Ornate and voluminous porcelain patterns are also present on dishes and furniture. You will need to use your imagination if you want an interior that is in a different design.

Antique figurines are a great choice. They have sculpted details, from the lace on the dress to the veins in the flower petals. A vintage figurine can be the answer to a tricky question: What can you give a person with everything, including good taste? The Antique Marketplace “Antiqon” has a variety of them.

Where to put porcelain figurines?

Figurines are unique in that they can be used to decorate any room in the home: the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the hallway, and even the bathroom. There is a place for them in each room. Porcelain figures are distinguished by their high level of artistry and are often expensive. They also emphasize the status and financial wealth of their owners. Meissen porcelain is a striking example, and we’ve described it in detail.

Porcelain figures are placed in the visible part of the room so they can be examined.

The fireplace in the living room

The side table is a great addition to the bedroom.

Console in the hallway

Do not feel sad if there isn’t a fireplace in your living area. On a table set up for dinner, antique porcelain dog figurines look great. Don’t forget the “Rule of Three”. The “rule of three” is a system of arranging furniture and décor in groups of three, whether conditional or obvious. Three items are used as the basis for decorating. It avoids formality and boredom. Interior design “rule of 3” is based on the simple fact that groups with odd numbers of items look more appealing than those with even numbers. Remember that porcelain looks great with wood, crystal, gold, silver, and natural fabrics like silk and leather.

Put a porcelain white elephant figure on your windowsill if you follow the Feng Shui teachings and are a believer in its principles. Chinese sages claim that the statuette in this situation will act as a talisman, bringing prosperity and wealth to your home.

How To Place Antique Porcelain Figurines?

You can display your porcelain figurine in an area where guests will be able to see it. You can choose a mantelpiece or shelf on the rack for several figurines.

Combine statuettes with similar themes and styles. Place antique porcelain angel figurines in one place and porcelain ballerina figures in another. Place the noblewoman next to the man in the pomaded hair and the shepherdess not far from the farm.

A collection of porcelain items can cause problems for their owners. If you place several dozen miniature figures in a cabinet that has glass doors, they will look luxurious and add to the decor of your room. The glass will allow you to admire the sculptures without obscuring them and will also protect them from dust. Lighting will bring out the beauty of each figurine.

Porcelain figures — German, Czech, or Chinese — make expensive interior decor. The value of these figurines is not diminished by the fact that they are handed down as family heirlooms or purchased online. If you combine and place them correctly, porcelain figures will be the focal point of your interior.

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