How to beautify your home interior with electrical switches

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What comes to mind when you consider your home’s electrical Switchboard? What comes to mind when you think about your electrical switchboards at home? It’s time to change it. Read on to find out six ways you can turn electrical switches and switchboards into beautiful interior décor.

Designer Electrical Switches and Sockets

The days of the standard white Switchboard with the plastic electrical switch are gone. Switchboards and switches come in a variety of finishes and materials. You can choose from laminated finishes or metallic polishes, wooden finishes, and rustic or tarnished touches. It can transform the appearance of switchboards and add aesthetic appeal. Choose something that will complement the interior decor you already have or make a striking contrast. Consider the color of your walls, the wallpaper, the decor, and the lighting in the interior.

Paint Switchboards to Turn Switchboards into Art

You can explore your creativity and do a little D.I.Y. Use colors that will stay on the switchboard plates. You can use your creativity or take inspiration from Picasso or Dali. Use acrylic or resin-based paints. Once the paint is dry, spray an anti-fading product. This can also be done with hair spray. You can draw or paint whatever you want. Try abstract painting. This adds an artistic touch to the switchboard plates.

Transform the electrical switch into a piece of decor.

This idea is best implemented with single switches. This can be done in several different ways. You can try to place a picture over the switchplate. You can choose a vintage ornate frame or a graphic modern style. This will make it look like an item of decor. Try using polymer clay for artwork on the plate to bring out your inner artist. Paint over figurines, clay art, and other beautiful creations. Try mosaic pieces to add a touch of art and interest to electrical switch plates. Make a mosaic using broken glass, charms, or tiles. You can use these methods to give your Switchboard an updated look. Instead of being a simple switch in a corner, it will be a decorative piece.

Draw Inspiration From Nature

Are you drawn to the waves of the sea and its blue hue? Consider using aquarium stones and sand, as well as fossilized miniature aquatic life forms such as crabs and stars. These will need to be glued in place with a hot glue gun. Try leaf and floral patterns using vinyl stickers and decorative papers. You can also use cut-out nature-themed patterns. Cut them out using a penknife, craft glue, and the outline. Once they’re in place, the stickers will look beautiful.

Transform the Switchboard to reflect your passion.

Bibliophile? Transform your switchboard plate by adding classic book spines. This is especially useful if you have a home library or reading room. Use pop culture references you like. Use comic strips, vinyl stickers, or posters with your favorite anime or comic character. Then, cut them out using the same method as above. Switch plates can now be a reflection of your personality. You can do the same with Harry Potter, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., G.O.T., and other pop-culture themes. This adds a touch of youth and compliments the personality of the person who is using the space.

Low-Effort Methods: Stickers and Doodling

You don’t have to give up hope if you can’t be crafty or renovate your home. You can use stickers to make the switch panel or electrical switches into a place for humor and creativity. Use doodle markers and chalk to create your imaginary characters, patterns, or animals. Use vinyl stickers or any sticker you like. Use those sequin or gemstone stickers to create beautiful patterns, sequences, paisleys, and mini-mandals. Your imagination is only limited by your creativity.

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