How To Approach Decorating Your New Build Home

New build homes are on the rise once more, and buyers, both first-time and veteran, are snapping them up like never before. New builds are being completed at the highest rate in more than two decades, giving households looking to move a wide range of affordable options for a new home. If you have just made a purchase of a new build near you, you may already have found that decorating them can be a bit a toughie; with no character of their own, there are no real clues for which way you should go. The following constitute some basic ideas to help you get on track with your new build decoration.

Budget Carefully

There are so many possibilities for decorating when it comes to moving into a new home, and often the sky can seem the limit – but there is another limit you need to be mindful of before you start to draw up any meaningful decoration plans: your budget. Knowing in advance how much you have available to spend on decoration can save you a lot of heartache down the line and help you draw up a reasonable plan of action as well. Start by allocating parts of your budget to the essentials: tools you may need for DIY tasks, materials, and a separate budget for paint and wallpaper. With whatever remains, you can refine your ideas for the less essential things.

Think In Colours

One of the best places to start to get a grip of your aesthetic aspirations is with colours. New builds are a blank canvas, and it can be difficult to ideate any end results in them as a result. Thinking about colour schemes can be a great entryway to understanding your wider ambitions for your new home’s visual aesthetic and for nailing down decor decisions later down the line. Think about using a pinboard site such as Pinterest to collect colour palette inspiration, and help you refine your colour choices across the board.

Go Room By Room

With some concrete ideas for your home’s colour schemes under your belt, set out decorating room by room. Tackling one room at a time has numerous benefits for your overall decoration journey: you can space out the purchasing of materials to make the process easier on your bank account; less of your home is rendered out-of-commission by ongoing renovation works, meaning you can still comfortably live in your house while you work on it; and your quality of work is not affected by an abundance of projects being attempted simultaneously. Each room can also develop its own character, independently of the others, making for a much more rewarding end result.

Character Is King

Speaking of character… You should approach your decoration plans with an open mind. There are many ways you can bring a sense of character and personality to your living spaces while you decorate, from the incorporation of feature walls to the mismatching of wallpapers or the introduction of textiles. Eclectic choices in furniture and judicious use of statement upcycled items can imbue a sense of texture, creating a unique home style from disparate elements.

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