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Finding service providers in a new town is one of the most frustrating aspects of moving. All homeowners need them at some point. You probably had a list of service providers that you would use when you needed them, or you could browse the yellow pages. You’ll have to start all over again when you need to find a handyman near me, HVAC repairman or plumber. Here are a few quick ways to locate these service providers if you’re not sure.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List is a great resource for finding a new service provider. If you have moved to California and need air conditioner San Diego services, for example, then you may be in need of a professional. Angie’s List, a site for members only, provides users with a directory of reviews from the crowd. It also offers insights and ratings on everything from handypersons and home improvement services to doctors and pet services. Angie’s List claims that only real customers can provide reviews. Members are able to grade companies on a scale from A to F. Service providers cannot pay for good ratings or even rate themselves.

Home Advisor

Home Advisor helps millions of Americans find and book the best professionals for their specific needs, from roof to carpentry, lawn maintenance, and builders. Home Avisor’s providers are screened thoroughly, and you can read reviews. You only need to select the category of project you require and answer some questions. The site will then present you with up to four local home improvement experts in your area who have been pre-screened.


Houzz is best known as a marketplace for interior design but also offers other services. The site claims that it has attracted more than 40 million homeowners, professionals in home improvement, and enthusiasts of home design. This marketplace allows users to find everything from electricians and painters to tree care and lawn services. This site lists home service providers with their contact information, ratings, and reviews. Some of them may have even included a little bit of information and pictures from previous projects.

Ready to Move

You need to plan the move before you start looking for a handyperson. Moving offers a large network of movers who are reliable and trustworthy. This makes it easy to find and book the right movers for you. You can be assured that all of the moving companies listed on their site are licensed and insured, so your valuables will remain safe.

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