Farmhouse Style Decor Ideas

The farmhouse style was born when farmers furnished and built their homes using what they had on hand. This meant unadorned tables, chairs, cabinets, and storage boxes. The farmhouse style of contemporary is admired for its simplicity and warmth, as well as the quality and craftsmanship of the furniture. Here are four easy ways to add farmhouse style to your decor.

Rocking Chairs

The farmhouse style includes rocking chairs on the front porch. The rocking chairs look even better when they have been handed down from one generation to another or if you find them at a yard sale. They can be repainted and sanded if they are a bit damaged. Hanging plants from the porch ceiling or cast-iron urns filled with plants on either side of your front steps will complete the look.

Wood Floors And Ceilings

Homeowners of all ages love the warm, rich beauty of hardwood floors. But ceilings in the farmhouse style can be made of wood as well. These ceilings can be made from a timber known as pecky Cypress. The bald Cypress is a type of wood that has been filled with small holes by a fungus. This feature is attractive to people who use pecky Cypress.

In some homes, the ceiling beams are not hidden. These beams can be decorative, or they may even carry weight.

Use both old and new.

It is not necessary to use kerosene or wood-burning stoves in a farmhouse-style house. It’s possible to combine vintage furniture with modern decor and even appliances. It’s not impossible to incorporate a vintage trestle and benches from an old barn with a modern light fixture that uses LED bulbs inside clear blown-glass spheres or an apron sink made from soapstone in the kitchen.

Gentle Color Palette

Farmers sometimes found it difficult to find upholstery fabrics in vibrant colors or with busy patterns. Dyes were expensive before the advent of synthetics. Most farmhouses had a color scheme of shades of brown and gray or beige. Color palettes are still popular today.

It’s not necessary to go for a rustic look. The details are what make it. The farmhouse style can be used to create a home that is comfortable and pleasant. From a chair rescued from the trash to reclaimed wood or even calming colors and a stylized garage door, you can transform your home decor into a comfortable and trendy farmhouse style.

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