Canadian Doors – Decoration Of European Homes

Doors are the face of every home. It is the first thing guests pay attention to. And it is necessary to choose it with special attention. Made by special Canadian technology, door Canada got that name. It is made from compacted MDF sheets, which are fixed with a natural wood beam around the perimeter. Door Canada is the most popular in the medium-price segment, and it is in great demand among customers.

Advantages Of Door Canada

The main advantages of the door, according to customers:

Stylish, attractive design;

A wide choice of colors and shades;

Low weight – door Canada is several times lighter than solid wood analogs;

Eco-friendliness – only natural resins are used in the production (previously, formaldehyde was used);

The cardboard gasket contributes to additional soundproofing;

Resistance to multiple opening and closing;

Affordable price compared to foreign analogs.

The box of door Canada is made of pine beams. According to the technology, its fibers are located across the pillars, the arch, and the threshold, which makes the structure rigid and as resistant to deformation as possible. It is also important to note that the doors are sold primed but not painted. This allows the buyer to give them the color that will fit perfectly into the interior.

Types Of Canadian Doors

According to the type of surface of the door leaf, the following types of door Canada are distinguished:

Solid smooth;





Primed for painting.

The choice is great, and designers are happy to use this type of door leaf in all kinds of projects.

Use Of Canadian Doors

Canadian doors are put in apartments and houses with budget renovation, as well as in various institutions, such as public and service facilities, where there is no increased mechanical stress. The door Canada is often used as an interior door for residential and office premises. It is completely undemanding to the fittings. You can put the most budgetary hinges and handles, as in the picture below.

Universal Door Canada is recognized as the most common in the world. Manufacturers produce several thousand variations of it. This allows you to choose doors for any space, and you can even do it without the help of professional designers.

Features Of Door Canada Exploitation

The practice of using Canadian doors in offices and state institutions has proven their practicality and high reliability. However, only with proper care will such a door last a long time, preserving its attractive appearance. The manufacturers of doors in Canada recommend periodically wiping them with a damp cloth to avoid wetness and strong mechanical shock. The door, purchased at prices on doors, will satisfy all the needs of the consumer and will please with the value for money.

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