7 Reasons to Use An Order Fulfillment Service

Order fulfillment can be a major headache if you do it in-house. Many companies outsource order fulfilment in order to grow and expand their business. Outsourced order fulfillment services are provided by third-party logistic providers who fulfill orders for their clients. These clients are typically online retailers, ecommerce businesses and physical store locations who do not have their own distribution centers or warehouses. Order fulfillment services should include the receipt, processing and delivery of orders. Fulfillment can be a big commitment for any business because it takes a lot time and resources. Third-party order fulfilment services will grow along with your business as it grows.

Take a look at the benefits of using an order fulfilment service in Australia.

Why Use an Order Fulfillment Services

1. Reduced Operating Costs – Working with a provider of order fulfillment services can help reduce the costs associated with infrastructure and logistics. Order fulfillment is no exception. Most businesses are subject to seasonal fluctuations. During busy seasons, more workers are needed and rental and storage costs tend to rise. Many businesses do not have the resources to hire temporary employees or buy new warehouses, which are required for order fulfillment operations. You can reduce operating costs by using an order fulfilment service.

2. Lower Shipping Costs – Most order fulfillment services can offer lower shipping rates because they have contracts with local, national and international shipping companies. You should take advantage of the discounts an order fulfillment company can offer. Many order fulfillment services are located across the nation, which makes shipping cheaper due to their location and delivery time. Choose a fulfillment company that compliments your target markets.

3. Reliable Customer Services – Improving customer service can have a significant impact on the efficiency of an organization. An order fulfillment service can benefit from a call centre which maintains customer interactions. You can avoid the hassle by having a customer service that is available 24/7 and deals with refund and return policies. You can have peace of mind that your customers will be taken care of in a timely fashion by order fulfillment companies.

4. Expand your Market – Small or new retailers often have difficulty expanding their business nationwide or globally. The issues and global trade tariffs can be daunting and complex. A fulfillment company’s distribution networks and expertise should allow your business to ship to any country in the world. You can increase your sales by using the platform of a fulfillment service. This includes selling products on Amazon.

5. Use Technology –A warehouse management system that tracks inventory can be a valuable tool in order fulfillment. The ability to integrate, process, manage and handle technology will drive growth. The implementation of technologies is expensive, which makes it a very attractive feature.

6. Scalability – is a major reason to use a fulfillment service. You can choose where your inventory will be stored and only pay for what you use. This will allow for room for expansion and not cost you more if your business grows and you hire an additional employee. Order fulfillment services give you the flexibility that your business requires to operate effectively.

7. Time – Working with an order fulfilment service provider allows you to focus on the growth of your business. Marketing, sales, and promotions will be able to spend more time on their goals instead of being distracted by fulfilling orders.

Order fulfillment providers will help you meet the demand as customer preferences shift to e-commerce. Any business that wants to grow can benefit from outsourcing fulfillment and warehousing. Contact Pik Pak if you think an order fulfillment service could benefit you. From start to finish every order will be executed successfully by our fulfillment and warehouse experts.


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